TiddlyWiki Browser Compatibility ericshulman , 16 September 2012 ( created 4 October 2011 ) tags: browsers issues Recent updates to Firefox and Chrome include tighter default security settings that can interfere with the operation of Tiddl

TiddlyWiki Browser Compatibility

ericshulman, 16 September 2012 (created 4 October 2011)

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Recent updates to Firefox and Chrome include tighter default security settings that can interfere with the operation of TiddlyWiki. The main cause is restrictions on the ability of TiddlyWiki running from a file:// URI to obtain permission to access local files as well as files stored remotely on other servers.
Known Problems with Local File Saving in TiddlyWiki

  • Previous versions of Firefox asked the user for permission to access the local file system, both for reading and writing files, with an option to retain and re-use that setting whenever the associated TiddlyWiki document is loaded into the browser. Unfortunately, as of version 15.0, FireFox no longer allows requests to access the local file system, and produces an error instead (note: existing TiddlyWiki documents that were already approved for local file access in a prior version of Firefox will continue to work as before). Fortunately there is a fix for this problem: Jeremy Ruston has written a small, easy-to-install FireFox extension called TiddlyFox that provides replacements for the necessary file I/O functions, allowing new TiddlyWiki documents to be saved locally.
    • You can obtain the TiddlyFox extension here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tiddlyfox/
    • If you'd rather not install an extension, you can also edit your Firefox preferences files to re-enable saving for specific TiddlyWiki files as discussed in this GoogleGroups message
    • Another alternative is to re-install an older version of FireFox (v14.x or earlier). There are numerous web sites that maintain archived copies of the previous installation files.
    • You could also install a portable version of FireFox 3.6.x directly onto a USB stick, solely for use with TiddlyWiki documents, while still using the current version of FireFox for all your other web browsing activities.
Known Problems with Upgrading TiddlyWiki
  • Versions of TiddlyWiki before and including 2.6.3 are known to have an issue with the upgrade function. To upgrade these versions you will need to download the latest version of an empty TiddlyWiki and import your content into it using the import function in the backstage.
Known Problems with Importing in TiddlyWiki
  • It is not possible to import from TiddlyWiki's on servers which are not CORS enabled. Although many popular sites, such as TiddlyTools, are currently CORS enabled, some are not. Fortunately this is fixable - webmasters can enable CORS on their sites by following the instructions here and if a website is not CORS enabled you can e-mail the owner to tell them the problem.
  • Some browsers will only allow you to import from other TiddlyWikis in the same directory as your TiddlyWiki. If you use Chrome you can enable this by modifying the Chrome shortcut to include the following parameter
  • In Opera you can enable this by entering the following into your address bar and ticking the checkbox.
  • Note some browsers, do not support import / upgrade in any form.



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